Claire with one of her very first hypnobabies – the gorgeous Harry!

What our Mums and Dads say:

Feedback reveals the course to be hugely inspiring and empowering and has allowed our expectant parents to focus on the forthcoming event with a new sense of anticipation and excitement. It’s clear from testimonials gathered after the births that the benefits of being well informed and calm in the lead up and for the birth itself, are enormous.



Here’s what some of our hypnobirthing parents have kindly shared:

From the outset of my pregnancy, I always knew that hypnobirthing was going to be very much part of my birth plan. It was something that was recommended to me by a friend that had used it for 3 births and she couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Although I have a calm and laid back nature, the daily affirmations, meditations, rainbow relaxation and ethos of hypnobirthing gave me immense inner peace while I was preparing for the birth of my baby. It gave me great confidence that my body does indeed know what to do and to listen to my body during the birth process. Not only is hypnobirthing an amazing aid towards a calm and gentle birth, it is also taught me a great life skill of learning to switch off from the world and relax.

My confidence was a little shattered when my pregnancy was not going according to plan and I had to be induced. I was immediately reassured by my midwife that I could successfully hypnobirth during induction and she affirmed this by telling me that she had used hypnobirthing during her own labour which also involved induction. Apart from the induction, I truly believe that I got everything that I wished for during the birth purely due to the power of hypnobirthing. I was able to remain calm and relaxed. I did not use any epidural or other pain relief and was so calm that my midwives did not believe that I was actually in active labour. I was 7cm before they believed me! My birth experience was calm, confident and very in control. I breathed out my baby while my husband reassured me with affirmations. I hung on to every word and really believe that they were better than any pain relief. When my baby was born, my two midwives asked me to tell everybody that I knew about hypnobirthing because they were in awe of my birth experience.

I couldn’t highly recommend hypnobirthing enough. I also couldn’t highly recommend Claire enough as an amazing hypnobirthing teacher. Claire too is calm, relaxed, quietly confident and incredibly supportive. I had such confidence in her approach and in hypnobirthing that I didn’t even attend an antenatal class – this is quite unusual for a first time mother. I can’t thank Claire enough – because of her expertise and great approach, I knew that my body could birth naturally because my body already knows how. I have told everybody I know about hypnobirthing and I think that people like Claire should be commended in pioneering a better way for women to have their babies.

Nichola (1st time mum), Douglas, Cork


Doing Claire’s course was the best investment for myself and my baby Siobhain who was born at home last Wednesday in a record 59 minutes start to finish. The birth was calm and gentle and at no time did I think it was getting too much to handle. I listened to my CDs throughout and my midwife and my husband and kids were astounded at how calm I was. So much so they doubted if I was even really in labour! The second phase – the actual birthing took four minutes. This was my fourth baby after three highly medicalised and very painful
and traumatic births so I had my issues regarding birth before I did the course. Claire helped me immensely, not just to overcome my terror but to remove it entirely. I looked forward to the birth and let nature take its course. I could do it all again tomorrow! Claire is a wonderfully warm and kind person who turned what was for me at least, a potentially terrifying ordeal into a wonderfully life affirming and positive achievement. Thanks Claire! Love Jean and Siobhain x

Jean (4th time mum), Cloughduv, Co. Cork


Hi Claire
I have been meaning to contact you by phone to describe the positive birth I had delivering my now 3 week old beautiful daughter Emily. Hypnobirthing really worked for me as I had such a traumatic experience for my 1st birth, this experience was the complete opposite to my 1st. I really felt in control & I knew what was going on.

In our 2nd class I told you I had low amniotic fluid so I took your advice & drank lots of water but on the Tues when I went for my scan, my consultant decided it was time for baby to come out as she had stopped growing, fluid was low & placenta had calcified. I was horrified that I was going to have to be induced that evening.

Then I started listening to my cd’s, the relaxation & the birth affirmations. Had it in my ears that night while the gels were ‘doing their thing’!

Once my waters were broken, I started getting surges so I stayed in bed listening to affirmations. My husband also was doing light touch massage as you taught us & I was breathing my way through each surge. I used a birthing ball for an hour or so which I found fantastic.

I delivered little Emily naturally with no bother at all. I just want to say a big Thank You to you & hypnobirthing!

 -Michelle (1st time Mum), Cork City.


“Before I met Claire I wasn’t very familiar with HypnoBirthing and I had no idea what to expect- all I knew was that I wanted my baby’s birth to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience without any fear (I previously had a huge fear of childbirth). As my due date approached I had no nerves whatsoever; I was so calm and actually looked forward to giving birth and meeting my baby. My labour was so relaxed and enjoyable and my baby boy Harry was born into such a relaxed calm environment. I had what I consider to be the perfect birth for me and I truly believe this was only made possible by preparation with Claire’s Hynobirthing techniques and with all her support and guidance”.

– Fiona (1st time mum), Ballincollig, Co. Cork


“After two previously traumatic births, I knew there had to be a better way. HypnoBirthing completely changed my view on birthing and we enjoyed the classes immensely. Emma sleeps and feeds well and is a pleasant and contented baby-much of that I know is down to HypnoBirthing.”

– Yvonne (3rd time mum), Crosshaven, Co. Cork


I went to Claires 2 x Saturdays & I’d highly recommend it! Totally enjoyed it, loved that it’s for Dads as well!  Claire is a dote thrown in!

– Joanne O’ Regan Lyons, 1st time mum, Cork


Claire’s Hypnobirthing class was fantastic. It really helped me to stay calm and happy throughout my whole pregnancy. I accidentally put on the cd (as it was still in my car) the other day and my baby Amelie fell asleep.. So you are still helping me Claire! ?

– J. Donovan, Cork


Hi Claire,

I attended your hypnobirthing class in May.

I hope all is well with you and went well for you and your baby. I had my little girl August 21st, fantastic baby.

I really enjoyed the class and practiced the breathing and exercises  a lot. I found the relaxation tracks very relaxing and I felt it helped me to sleep very well and stay relaxed through the rest of my pregnancy.

-C. Hickey, Cork



I’m finally getting around to dropping you a line! Just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to Hannah on January 21st and that all the hard work with the hypno-birthing paid off!

I spent all of the first phase at home and whilst not pain free was very much managing with the guided meditations and affirmations – I even managed to doze through some fairly intense surges! When I got to CUMH I was 10cms and ready to go!

My midwife was wonderful and allowed me to breathe rather than push and Hannah was born very quickly after our arrival there with 5 or 6 breaths being sufficient  to birth her. I was very calm during the birth and utterly euphoric afterwards. It was really an amazing experience.

Many thanks, Deirdre


Hi Claire,

A bit late but I’m very happy to share the news of the arrival of our twins, Millie & Pippa.

I had an emergency c-section in the end. I was in hospital having tests for pre eclampsia when suddenly my waters broke and Millie’s cord prolapsed. The time from my waters breaking to Millie’s arrival was 12 minutes. I have to say, even though I didn’t have a natural birth, I feel that hypnobirthing helped keep me calm during the panic stage when I could have really freaked out. The doctors all commended me for being so chilled and just doing exactly what I was told so I thank you for that 🙂

The were born on November 16th, 5 weeks early. Pippa was 3lb14oz and Millie was 4lb5oz. They were weighed two weeks ago and Pippa was 6lb3oz and Millie was 7lb1oz, so they are really flying it. They are so much fun already and have changed so much in their 7 weeks of existence.

Hope all is well with you and your new family.

-A. Woodward, Cork


Hi Claire,

I just wanted to send you a quick mail to say our girls Saoirse and Íde arrived safely last Monday at 34 weeks. I had a normal delivery. I was in for the week before with pre-eclampsia. I found the hypnobirthing fantastic I was very relaxed going to the labour ward I really believe listening to the discs and the visualisation helped me so much.  I was an induction but was favourable so they broke my waters I progressed very fast.

I hope you are keeping well and the very best of luck to you for August. Thanking you so much.

-Mairead (midwife), Cork


I cannot recommend Claire and the hypnobirthing course highly enough. My husband and I were expecting our first baby and really enjoyed the different scripts. I found the CD so relaxing to listen to. Above all, the information Claire shared with us ensured we were well informed and thus empowered to make good decisions for the birth of our daughter. It was the only ante natal class I attended and it fully prepared me.

was 11 days overdue and so was induced with prostin gel but thanks to the hypnobirthing practices,I managed to avoid the next step of induction( rupturing waters and drip). Using the breathing and visualisation techniques allowed me to to engage really well with the labour experience and ensured that our baby was born without any drugs or further interventions. I can honestly say I had a completely positive birth and this was 100% due to Claire and the hypnobirthing practice.

-D. O’ Mahony, Cork


“When in relaxation I would describe it as a lazy afternoon nap that you contently drift in and out of. I could feel the surges and would describe them merely as the ache you get during your period- nothing more.

I do genuinely believe that if I had not had the hypnobirth experience I would not have realised the potential of my own body and how it needs to be able to ‘get on with the job in hand’ without the addition of stress which fights it all the way.

“I’ve never felt so well prepared for anything in my life! I went into labour, totally fearless. HypnoBirthing® was a huge, huge, huge help.”

– Margaret (2nd time mum), Killarney, Co. Kerry