Hypnobirthing Audio Files

Your Hypnosis & Relaxation MP3’s:

Apart from Daily Affirmations (which can be listened to while your body is active)- all other tracks are recommended for listening to in a sitting/ lying position, with your eyes closed.

Just before sleep is ideal!

‘Beautiful Birth Affirmations’ & ‘Rainbow Spectrum Of Birth’ are your main daily tracks.

6 x RELAXATION & BREATHING TRACKS BY Claire Brett to support a positive, empowered birth experience:


Main Audio Tracks

Beautiful Birth Affirmations

Beautiful Birth Affirmations



Rainbow Spectrum Of Birth



Create Your Powerful Birthing Space


Additional Audio Tracks

Beautiful Birth Rehearsal (Listen after 35 weeks to create your ‘Beautiful Birth Mind Movie’)



Beautiful Birth Candle Relaxation (Baby Bonding Time & Shorter Pregnancy Relaxation)

Beautiful Birth Candle Relaxation



Beautiful Birth Fear Release: Listen to 1-2 times per week after week 35 (or more if needed). 

Beautiful Birth Fear Release