Q. Who can attend the classes with me?

Unlike other antenatal classes, the HypnoBirthing course is particularly special because it creates an integral role for the father or birth companion.
Instead of your birth partner feeling like a helpless onlooker, this course will allow them to feel involved and informed and therefore in a better position to support you throughout pregnancy and birth.
So it is ideal that you attend the classes with your birth companion, even if it is a family member or friend.

However, women wishing to attend alone can of course do so and still benefit entirely from the course.

Q. Will I lose control when I am in hypnosis?

A person will only go into hypnosis if they give themselves permission to do so.
Being in hypnosis does not allow another to control a person’s mind.
In fact, a birthing Mum in hypnosis is in total control of her birth and body.
She will be completely aware of her surroundings, but it will not affect her ability to stay relaxed and in control.

In the classes partners will also be invited to relax and experience hypnosis but this can only be done if the partner is willing.
Similarly any person in hypnosis can bring him/herself out whenever he/she chooses.

Q. I am not sure my partner will want to be hypnotised?

As an experienced practitioner I am sensitive to the fact that some people may not feel comfortable being in hypnosis. This is usually down to the idea of stage hypnosis and a fear of ‘mind control’. 

As a certified, clinical hypnotherapist I can promise nothing could be further than what hypnosis actually is – an amazing tool for change!

Even if your partner does not want to take part in the relaxations, he/she /they can still learn how to support you during birth by attending the classes and just observing the hypnosis – remember he/she cannot be made to go into hypnosis if unwilling. Nobody can (but most people love it when they choose to be open to it).

Q. How can Hypnosis help you to prepare for the birth?

In your normal awake state you use a part of your mind which evaluates all things around you and is rational, critical and analytical. That is the conscious part of the mind.

However when you are in a day dream like state (hypnosis) another part of your mind becomes more active. That is the subconscious and is the part of you that is responsible for all the things we do automatically, such as the beating of your heart, hormone production, elimination system and giving birth. In addition it is the part which stores all your memories, emotions, fears and anxiety.

Using hypnosis, you can access the subconscious easily to deal with, and overcome fear and anxiety associated with pregnancy and labour, and to increase self confidence and trust in your body’s natural ability to give birth.

By practising hypnosis (being deeply relaxed and listening to positive suggestions and imagery) daily before the birth, you are effectively “rehearsing” or “experiencing” in your mind a calm, instinctive birth over and over again. As the mind does not know the difference between things you have imagined and reality, when the actual birth begins, your mind and body are familiar and comfortable with the rehearsed responses and so reacts accordingly. In addition, the hypnosis is conditioning your body to be relaxed and calm no matter what is going on around you.

Therefore, the hypnosis suggestions create a pre-programmed response for the birth which is to be relaxed, involved and in control, being conversant when necessary and aware of the experience.
Being so relaxed leaves no room for the fear and tension, which are the main cause of pain.
This calm state increases your body’s own natural relaxants (endorphins), increases the flow of oxygen to your baby and to your muscles, so making contractions more effective, which in turn reduces the need for intervention.

Q. What if things don’t go to plan?

Even if you experience complications – perhaps needing to be induced, or if you need a caesarean – you can still benefit greatly from the techniques.
By feeling in control of your birth and being informed enough to be a part of the decision-making process.

We can’t promise you a ‘perfect’ birth – no one can – but we can promise you a much, much more comfortable and relaxed birth than you would have had otherwise.

These simple techniques do require practice – but the end result is worth it, don’t you think?

Q. Can you guarantee a pain-free labour and birth?

Many mums report pain-free labour and birth-reporting the physical sensations to be little more than pressure, tightening or weightiness.
However, it is important to recognise that the goal of HypnoBirthing is not “pain-free” birth, but “more comfortable” birth.
There are many factors that can affect a birth, and the success of the techniques is directly related to the amount of practice you put in.

However, as a guide:

Around 65-70% of HypnoBirthing mothers don’t need any form of pain relief. Nearly all the mothers in this category simply don’t experience any pain – just pressure.

Around a further 20-25% only require something mild, like gas and air.

The remaining 5-10% usually fall into what we call ‘special circumstances’ where medical intervention is required. However, many mothers still tell us that HypnoBirthing really helped – even if they were induced, or ended up with a caesarean.

Source: www.hypnobirthing.co.uk

Q. Does it help the baby too?

Yes. We find that babies born using HypnoBirthing tend to be calmer, feed better, sleep better and experience less trauma.

Q. What kind of education am I receiving?

You’ll get a structured but informal class format that teaches about the physical, mental and emotional aspects of birth – delivered by a certified hypnotherapist & coach who has taught hundreds of couples these techniques, with huge success.
You’ll learn why your body does what it does, as well as how.
Think of it this way…

You’ll learn the techniques once for this birth, but then you can then use them again and again, no matter how many children you have.

You can use HypnoBirthing in conjunction with any other plans you have – homebirth or hospital. It’s your choice what kind of birth to have – HypnoBirthing helps them all.

You can use the techniques to help calm and relax yourself any time you feel stressed out. (I’ve had many of my couples tell me this alone has been invaluable).