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Claire meets Baby Saoirse

Feedback reveals the course to be hugely inspiring and empowering and has allowed our expectant parents to focus on the forthcoming event with a new sense of anticipation and excitement.

It’s clear from testimonials gathered after the births that the benefits of releasing fear, being well informed and calm in the lead up and for the birth itself are enormous.

I feel truly honoured and grateful to receive inspiring stories weekly and add them to my ‘smile file’ of beautiful hypnobirthing babies.
It’s a BIG file now and I couldn’t be prouder. 😀

Even 14 years later – the excitement when I hear a birth story never gets old! :

Here’s what just a few of our amazing hypnobirthing parents have kindly shared:


Hi Claire!!!

I wanted to write to you before but it has been such a busy time here, my daughter was born on December 17, 2018. We are getting used to everything, getting to know our little one but she is amazing and we are amazed how everything went.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you (and to thank you!) how was the labor and the birth of our baby – all the credit to the hypnobirthing method and to your classes! 

My water was released at 4:50am on December 17 (by the way, this was my due date, I could never believe she would come exactly on the due date), I called the Domino’s Service at CUMH and as I wasn’t feeling anything they told me to call back after breakfast.

After calling them I went to take shower, to wash my hair.. when I was blow drying my hair I started feeling the surges, it was around 5:30 am.

I immediately started breathing correctly to allow my body to do its job. After a while the surges got stronger and I started counting them, they were between 5 to 3 minutes apart, lasting around 1 minute each.

All the way through the surges my husband was by my side reminding me how to breathe, not to hold the breathe, to relax, reminding me that our baby was coming, that I was doing great… this was fundamental for me to succeed.

After 1 hour and a half doing the work at home at 7am we went to the hospital because I felt it was the time to go. Around 7:30am they checked me and I was 7cm dilated!!!!!

I went to the labor room and all the plan to go to the birthing pool, to use the ball, had to be left because there was no time for anything ? the midwife checked baby’s heartbeat, prepared everything and asked if we were having any particular kind of birth, I said WE ARE HAVING HYPNOBIRTHING BIRTH!!!! and then she left us pretty much alone during the process, what was very important because my husband and I were doing great, so she understood that was the best to do.

I don’t know at what time I felt the urge to push, I think the midwife didn’t believe me when I said, she might have thought I was crazy because it was so fast, so I had to say twice and she asked me if she could check me again. At that time I was fully dilated and we could start the push. Unfortunately I didn’t get the J breathing, I had to push because it was so difficult to do that in the other way.

At 9:59am my baby was born, completely healthy and happy. She was very calm during all the birthing, her heartbeats didn’t go more than 143bpm. She didn’t cry when she came out and we had to wake her up the first night to feed her, she was totally relaxed.

Now after almost one month she is still very calm, she cries just when she is very hungry. And we thank all that to the hypnobirthing, we are very happy we found you and we were able to attend your classes. All the effort we have done and the money spent paid off.

All the midwives were so impressed with my labor, because it was just 5 hours, they asked me how it happened, how it could be possible my first baby has come so fast… I told them I worked with my body and my mind, not against them. We told them that was all the hypnobirthing method!

I have attached a picture of our little Elena for you to see her!!

Thank you so much again for all your tips and for being so nice. We can’t be more grateful!!

I feel amazed to see that each day more and more people are discovering about the hypnobirthing.

I will spread my story and your classes as much as I can because everybody should have at least the opportunity to know about beautiful births!!!

The world has heard and showed enough of sad and tragic birth stories.

We wish you all the best!

-Maria Cecília, Andrea & Baby Elena(1st Baby)

Hi Claire!

I just wanted to let you know that I am the proud mum of baby boy Colm Eduardo Patrick – born on the 19th of October at 6.38 am weighing 7.1 pounds ?

I will write to you later my full birthing experience but for now I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!
I had a fantastic pregnancy and birth experience and I know that without my hypnobirthing course (but mainly because of you!) I wouldn’t have been so prepared relaxed and focus in bringing my baby to this world in such a natural way and being such an intense but amazing and wonderful experience??

You are an amazing and gifted woman. Please!, keep doing what you are doing because more women need to hear you! ?

I will write more details of my birth soon and an update on baby Colm ? X

Paulina O’ Leary (1st Baby)

Hi Claire,

Hope you’re very well.

I had to get in touch to let you know that on the 20th January we had a beautiful baby boy, called Alex, weighing in at 7lb4.

I wanted to personally thank you as I used the hypnobirthing techniques throughout my labour – especially the breathing and the light touch massage to have a completely drug free birth. I’m still over the moon and can’t thank you enough for the great course you held.

I’ve attached a photo of the new addition to the Harman family 🙂
Many thanks again!

-Clare and Baby Alex

Our little girl, Tilly-Maebh has arrived into the world safe and sound. She’s doing well and both Pepi and I are completely smitten by her.

The story of her birth and arrival is pretty special as I went into labour driving back from a friend’s wedding in Kildare!
I felt completely calm and focused, somehow knowing that everything would be fine – there was no fear at all. The surges were like period cramps and I breathed effectively through them.

There was actually only 9 minutes from the time I sat down in the birthing pool at home to when our daughter was born (at 1.14pm) – but I had no sense of time.
It was such an incredible rush when she came out. Both Pepi and I were in tears and completely overwhelmed.
I was so amazed that she was actually here and so perfect.

I felt really proud of myself especially as I hadn’t taken so much as a paracetamol!
I couldn’t say that the birth wasn’t painful but I consciously decided not to acknowledge it as pain. Instead I thought of it as the last hurdle I had to get through to meet my baby, and I recognised that it wouldn’t last forever.

Pepi was brilliant – so involved in all aspects of the labour and birth from start to finish.
I’ve no doubt that what we learned in hypnobirthing encouraged this.

Although exhausted, I was on cloud nine and couldn’t imagine being any happier.
As nobody was expecting to hear from us that day we didn’t even tell our families that Tilly-Maebh had arrived until the next morning.

As my mother said: It was so early she hadn’t even started to worry yet!

We’ve been doing well since.
She’s thriving and we’re over the moon with her!

Your hypnobirthing classes were great and really fit well with our outlook on things Claire. They taught us a lot and gave us the confidence that the approach we were taking to the pregnancy, labour, and birth were valid – not seeing it as a medical condition or anything to fear but rather a hugely positive life event to look forward to and enjoy.

We would highly recommend hypnobirthing to others and wish you continued success with your business.

Thanks a million for everything!

-Patrice, Pepi and Baby Tilly-Maebh (1st Baby)

Hey Claire,

You guessed correct ?

I got my first Surge at 12:40am Friday night and little Saoirse was born at 5:44am…..a lightening speed of a labour…surges 2 mins apart by the time we arrived at CUMH….no let up from then on but managed it with my hypnobirthing, gas and air and a tens machine…delighted to be able to do it naturally and I can only put it down to the hypnobirthing that I was able to stay in control and keep my focus while it was so intense….the midwife and docs were impressed anyway☺

Here are a few pics of our beautiful Saoirse….we are besotted to put it mildly and just can’t believe she’s here.

Can’t thank you enough for all your help and look forward to meeting up so you can have a cuddle and a pic with Saoirse! 

Lots of Love

-Fiona, Pat and Saoirse xxx

Hi Claire,

My husband, Gyula and myself attended your classes back in January and I wanted to share with you that yesterday our little girl, Evvie Rose arrived 🙂

As to labour, I pretty much managed to keep myself to my original birthing plan – the one different people advised me to throw out the window because, according to them, ‘nothing can prepare you for labour’ and ‘you should just go with the flow’.

My surges were quite irregular and weak in the beginning (starting Sunday afternoon) but a hot shower around 8 in the evening on Monday sped things up and the surges got pretty intense and frequent. As the labour ward wasn’t yet ready to receive me at that time, I was offered pethidine which I politely denied (simply following my birth plan). In the end, I did it all with only gas & air as pain relief, just like I planned originally.

I used hypnobirthing techniques (breathing, meditation, affirmations), mainly in the beginning and these helped me a great deal.

We ended up in the labour ward around 10 PM and finally held our baby girl in our arms by 0:53 yesterday. Hard to believe it all went this quickly.

My husband was the greatest ‘coach’ and ‘cheerleader’, standing by me, talking me through surges, using calming touches and even breathing with me to help me along the process. I certainly couldn’t have done it without him.

Evvie’s head was turned slightly sideways which made it difficult for her to progress down the birthing canal. The all-four position/gravity (=being free to move around and change position whenever I felt like) helped me a lot in dealing with this.

Thank you for all your help!
Please feel free to share our story with other people attending your classes 🙂

-Zsuzsi, Gyula and baby Evvie

Hi Claire,

I hope all is well with you.
Just to let you know Finbarr & I had a beautiful baby boy, Fionn on Friday 9th March 2018.

In general things went very well. I was admitted due to high blood pressure.

But unfortunately it continued to increase and my consultant wanted to induce me due to the risk of pre-eclampsia.
Induction began at 11pm. Within 20 minutes I started to get surges.
I found listening to the hypnobirthing music & positive affirmations hugely beneficial when in my room on the ward.

I also used the Tens machine for pain relief. I don’t know if it was psychological or what, but I definitely think it worked. At 10:10am my waters broke on the ward, I was rushed to the birthing suite and gave birth to Fionn at 11:21am. It all happened very quickly in the end.

I received 3 stitches but I have recovered so well. I am so happy that at 5am when I was looking for a section (due to negative thinking on my behalf) that I had a husband who told me that we didn’t do 2 days of hypnobirthing for me to ask for a section!

This actually really helped me. Within an hour of I birthing Fionn, I was up walking around and I had forgotten all the pressure of the labour & birth.

Thanks a million for all your help and advice.
I definitely think it was hugely beneficial to me.

-Eilish and Baby Fionn

Hi Claire,

I’m sitting here feeding baby, eventually getting around to emailing you.
Baby Darragh was born least Thursday the 4th of October by c section, my little monkey never turned!!

I have to say though – it was a much better experience than Lucia’s birth, it was very calm and organised and there was no drama.
Even though it wasn’t the birth I thought – I wanted it really was amazing and not scary at all.

I definitely used my relaxation tools like breathing and visualisations, and still listed to my rainbow track every night even in the hospital after he was born to relax and fall asleep, and drown out some of the noise!!!??
So he’s here now safe and sound and over a week old and doing great, and I wanted to thank you again for all the information and advice.
Hopefully we’ll bump into you and your little girl some day in the park when we’re up and out for walks ???
Thanks very much for everything.

-Maeve & Paul (Wonderful Gentle C-Section Birth!) Baby Darragh with his sister Lucia. 

Hi Claire,

Myself & my husband Eamonn attended your hypnobirthing classes in March 2017. I’ve been meaning to feedback to you for months but am only getting around to it now!! Mum life!!

We really enjoyed the classes and I absolutely loved using the techniques you taught us in preparation for our birth. I loved the affirmations and gentle relaxations in particular. I felt the benefits during pregnancy & so I really was consistent with practicing & I believe it really made a huge difference to both my third trimester and my labour.

Overall, we had a wonderful labour & birth.

Thankfully I went into spontaneous labour on my due date, after lots of pineapple, dates, long walks, housework & gardening!!!

I had a very supportive midwife in the labour ward who encouraged us to listen to the hypnobirthing tracks throughout labour. I used breathing exercises, visualisations, mobilising around into different positions, the TENS machine (this was fabulous & I kept it on from early labour at home right up until 6cm dilated), gas & air to help with the labour.

And thankfully at 6cm when I really wasn’t coping too well I got into the birthing pool & again put on the affirmations track.

I laboured fairly contentedly here until fully dilated! The pool really was a game changer at this stage & really helped get me back into the “zone”, as my husband called it!

Baby Anna was delivered safely on May 10th weighing 7Ib 2oz. She is a beautiful content baby and we are truly blessed.

We are so glad we took the course with you Claire & that the techniques helped us in numerous ways. I hope that business is going well & I certainly will be recommending Beautiful Birth. I’ve attached a few photos although they are old ones now!! Better late than never I suppose!

Thank you Claire & Best Wishes,

-Eleanor McCarthy, Cork.

Hi Claire ,

I just wanted to let you know that our little lady Molly Quille arrived on 11 Dec at 2.23am weighing in at 6lb12oz.
We are so in love and can’t believe how stunning she is!

I came in with reduced movement Thursday and after a long induction and a forceps ( with ease) Molly arrived.
The hypnobirthing helped so much!

Padraig had all my music playing all night and it brought me back down to earth.
Even when I started to panic at one point we went back to the breathing techniques you thought us and my body definitely recognised this as I dilated from 1cm to 8cm in just 2hrs.
I did have the epidural as she was OP position but she turned with ease and she was a easy lift out with forceps.

Thank you so much for being a big part of this amazing journey.
Our hearts are bursting with love ❤️

Best wishes to you,

-Eleanor, Padraig and Molly?xx

Hi Claire,

I just wanted to email and let you know that Mike and I had a little girl. She was born last Saturday following a fuss-free labour.
We were able to stay at home managing contractions for the majority of labour.

I didn’t really expect it but I was actually fully dilated when we got to the hospital, and had a lovely normal delivery about 40 minutes later.
We were both delighted with the experience though unfortunately Mike got shot down by me any time he tried the massage! 🙂  We were both sick for the week beforehand so hadn’t done much preparation before but the weeks prior stood to us.

Thanks for all your advice and for helping us have this wonderful birth experience.

-Anna, Cork.


Thank you so much for your help.

You’re going above and beyond, in fairness.

I actually gave birth last night, natural birth with gas and air and the water pool.

Thank you. Looks like those exercises really do work! 🙂

A baby boy, 7lbs 13oz.

Thank you for your help.
I’ll recommend you to everyone!

-Claire Ann, Cork

Hi Claire,

I wanted to let you know about our latest hypnobaby!
Baby Tim arrived safe and well 1 day ahead of his due date in May.

It’s funny but looking back that Wednesday was the first day I didn’t feel the need to get anything done around the house – I just totally chilled, read books and listened to some music and did the relaxation exercises.
I had a small show first thing in the morning but sensibly CUMH said it could be hours or days before any sign the baby was ready to come out.
I collected the kids from preschool around 3pm and by around 5pm I was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable.

When examined at hospital, it turns out I was 5 cm dilated at that point and because Will’s arrival was quite fast we were down in a delivery suite with midwife Colleen within 2 hours.

Tim was born 3 hours later, at 11pm and was 7lb 7 oz.
I was offered an injection for placenta delivery but asked to wait. I was allowed 30 minutes and then with a small tummy rub by the midwife out it came naturally! Tim took to breastfeeding quite quickly and is already over 11lbs!

The midwives were very supportive again and left us to it with our iPod, drinks, water spritz etc

Thank you Claire again for your assistance in helping us to prepare and focus for Tim’s arrival. We are delighted with our 3 hypnobabies and convinced that giving this knowledge, mental confidence, strength and guidance to prospective parents is a fantastic way to allow more mothers and fathers to enjoy the arrival of their beautiful babies.

Wishing you all the very best with your gorgeous girl and continued success with your business!

– Claire and Baby Tim (3rd Hypnobaby!)

Hi Claire,

First time opening my emails since little Ronan arrived. Was just going to email you. He arrived 16 days early but he’s absolutely perfect weighing 7lbs 2.5oz.

I can’t stop staring at him, he’s just so amazing.

The labour and birth went really, really well.

Contractions started about 9pm Thursday and he was born at 23.12 Friday.

I found the hypnobirthing brilliant, midwives kept commenting that I was so relaxed and they asked why I didn’t go for the domino scheme because I would have been ideal for it. Unfortunately I didn’t know about it but would definitely have gone for it if I did know.

I used the hypnobirthing mp3s and breathing.

The breathing really helped me focus on the contractions.

I also used a tens machine which really helped and the gas and air, birthing ball, cub and different positions.

I asked for the epidural but managed without it and so happy I did.

Thank you so much for providing the class, it made me so relaxed and made me feel so mentally strong and capable.

Kind regards,
-Suzanne, Lawrence & Baby Ronan

From the outset of my pregnancy, I always knew that hypnobirthing was going to be very much part of my birth plan. It was something that was recommended to me by a friend that had used it for 3 births and she couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Although I have a calm and laid back nature, the daily affirmations, meditations, rainbow relaxation and ethos of hypnobirthing gave me immense inner peace while I was preparing for the birth of my baby. It gave me great confidence that my body does indeed know what to do and to listen to my body during the birth process.

Not only is hypnobirthing an amazing aid towards a calm and gentle birth, it is also taught me a great life skill of learning to switch off from the world and relax. My confidence was a little shattered when my pregnancy was not going according to plan and I had to be induced.

I was immediately reassured by my midwife that I could successfully hypnobirth during induction and she affirmed this by telling me that she had used hypnobirthing during her own labour which also involved induction. Apart from the induction, I truly believe that I got everything that I wished for during the birth purely due to the power of hypnobirthing.

I was able to remain calm and relaxed. I did not use any epidural or other pain relief and was so calm that my midwives did not believe that I was actually in active labour. I was 7cm before they believed me! My birth experience was calm, confident and very in control. I breathed out my baby while my husband reassured me with affirmations. I hung on to every word and really believe that they were better than any pain relief.

When my baby was born, my two midwives asked me to tell everybody that I knew about hypnobirthing because they were in awe of my birth experience.

I couldn’t highly recommend hypnobirthing enough. I also couldn’t highly recommend Claire enough as an amazing hypnobirthing teacher. Claire too is calm, relaxed, quietly confident and incredibly supportive. I had such confidence in her approach and in hypnobirthing that I didn’t even attend an antenatal class – this is quite unusual for a first time mother.

I can’t thank Claire enough – because of her expertise and great approach, I knew that my body could birth naturally because my body already knows how. I have told everybody I know about hypnobirthing and I think that people like Claire should be commended in pioneering a better way for women to have their babies.

-Nichola (1st time mum) Douglas, Cork

Doing Claire’s course was the best investment for myself and my baby Siobhain who was born at home last Wednesday in a record 59 minutes start to finish. The birth was calm and gentle and at no time did I think it was getting too much to handle.

I listened to my CDs throughout and my midwife and my husband and kids were astounded at how calm I was. So much so they doubted if I was even really in labour! The second phase – the actual birthing took four minutes.

This was my fourth baby after three highly medicalised and very painful and traumatic births so I had my issues regarding birth before I did the course. Claire helped me immensely, not just to overcome my terror but to remove it entirely. I looked forward to the birth and let nature take its course.

I could do it all again tomorrow! Claire is a wonderfully warm and kind person who turned what was for me at least, a potentially terrifying ordeal into a wonderfully life affirming and positive achievement. Thanks Claire! Love Jean and Siobhain x

Jean (4th time mum), Cloughduv, Co. Cork

Hi Claire,

I have been meaning to contact you by phone to describe the positive birth I had delivering my now 3 week old beautiful daughter Emily. Hypnobirthing really worked for me as I had such a traumatic experience for my 1st birth, this experience was the complete opposite to my 1st. I really felt in control & I knew what was going on.

In our 2nd class I told you I had low amniotic fluid so I took your advice & drank lots of water but on the Tues when I went for my scan, my consultant decided it was time for baby to come out as she had stopped growing, fluid was low & placenta had calcified. I was horrified that I was going to have to be induced that evening.

Then I started listening to my cd’s, the relaxation & the birth affirmations. Had it in my ears that night while the gels were ‘doing their thing’!

Once my waters were broken, I started getting surges so I stayed in bed listening to affirmations. My husband also was doing light touch massage as you taught us & I was breathing my way through each surge. I used a birthing ball for an hour or so which I found fantastic.

I delivered little Emily naturally with no bother at all. I just want to say a big Thank You to you & hypnobirthing!

-Michelle (1st time Mum), Cork City.

Before I met Claire I wasn’t very familiar with HypnoBirthing and I had no idea what to expect- all I knew was that I wanted my baby’s birth to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience without any fear (I previously had a huge fear of childbirth). As my due date approached I had no nerves whatsoever; I was so calm and actually looked forward to giving birth and meeting my baby. My labour was so relaxed and enjoyable and my baby boy Harry was born into such a relaxed calm environment. I had what I consider to be the perfect birth for me and I truly believe this was only made possible by preparation with Claire’s Hynobirthing techniques and with all her support and guidance.

Fiona (1st time mum), Ballincollig, Co. Cork

After two previously traumatic births, I knew there had to be a better way. HypnoBirthing completely changed my view on birthing and we enjoyed the classes immensely. Emma sleeps and feeds well and is a pleasant and contented baby-much of that I know is down to HypnoBirthing.”

– Yvonne (3rd time mum), Crosshaven, Co. Cork



Hi Claire,

Just wanted to give you an update and feedback on what worked!!

My daughter Leah joined us on Wednesday.
The birth story is a really positive one – no intervention required.
I arrived at the hospital 7cm dilated and was immediately transferred to the L&D ward where Leah arrived 20 minutes later.
I strongly believe I would not have had the courage to do this without the practised hypnobirthing techniques.
The nightly listening to the hypnosis tracks and affirmations came back to me while in the strongest contractions.
The breathing techniques and the associated visualisations were what helped me to progress quickly.
And the J breathing which i practiced more and understood better this time meant only 3 strong pushes!!
Towards the end of my pregnancy I felt under pressure from family and friends as I was the last in a bunch to have my baby, the releasing of fear track really helped me to block this and other fears out and I used it daily in the last 2 weeks.

All in all a very positive birth experience. Just wanted to pass on my story and say thanks for your help way back in August to get me back into the right frame of mind.

Hope you and your little lady are doing well happy Xmas!!

-Louise, Denis Ùna and Leah

I went to Claires 2 x Saturdays & I’d highly recommend it!

Totally enjoyed it, loved that it’s for Dads as well!

Claire is a dote thrown in!


Joanne O’ Regan Lyons, 1st time mum, Cork

Claire’s Hypnobirthing class was fantastic. It really helped me to stay calm and happy throughout my whole pregnancy. I accidentally put on the cd (as it was still in my car) the other day and my baby Amelie fell asleep.

So you are still helping me Claire! 

– J. Donovan, Cork

Hi Claire,

I attended your hypnobirthing class in May.

I hope all is well with you and went well for you and your baby. I had my little girl August 21st, fantastic baby.

I really enjoyed the class and practiced the breathing and exercises  a lot. I found the relaxation tracks very relaxing and I felt it helped me to sleep very well and stay relaxed through the rest of my pregnancy.

-C. Hickey, Cork


I’m finally getting around to dropping you a line! Just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to Hannah on January 21st and that all the hard work with the hypno-birthing paid off!

I spent all of the first phase at home and whilst not pain free was very much managing with the guided meditations and affirmations – I even managed to doze through some fairly intense surges! When I got to CUMH I was 10cms and ready to go!

My midwife was wonderful and allowed me to breathe rather than push and Hannah was born very quickly after our arrival there with 5 or 6 breaths being sufficient  to birth her. I was very calm during the birth and utterly euphoric afterwards. It was really an amazing experience.

Many thanks,

-Deirdre, Co. Kerry

Hi Claire,

A bit late but I’m very happy to share the news of the arrival of our twins, Millie & Pippa.

I had an emergency c-section in the end. I was in hospital having tests for pre eclampsia when suddenly my waters broke and Millie’s cord prolapsed. The time from my waters breaking to Millie’s arrival was 12 minutes. I have to say, even though I didn’t have a natural birth, I feel that hypnobirthing helped keep me calm during the panic stage when I could have really freaked out. The doctors all commended me for being so chilled and just doing exactly what I was told so I thank you for that 🙂

The were born on November 16th, 5 weeks early. Pippa was 3lb14oz and Millie was 4lb5oz. They were weighed two weeks ago and Pippa was 6lb3oz and Millie was 7lb1oz, so they are really flying it. They are so much fun already and have changed so much in their 7 weeks of existence.

Hope all is well with you and your new family.

-A. Woodward, Cork

Hi Claire,

I just wanted to send you a quick mail to say our girls Saoirse and Íde arrived safely last Monday at 34 weeks. I had a normal delivery. I was in for the week before with pre-eclampsia. I found the hypnobirthing fantastic I was very relaxed going to the labour ward I really believe listening to the discs and the visualisation helped me so much.  I was an induction but was favourable so they broke my waters I progressed very fast.

I hope you are keeping well and the very best of luck to you for August. Thanking you so much.

-Mairead (midwife), Cork

I cannot recommend Claire and the hypnobirthing course highly enough. My husband and I were expecting our first baby and really enjoyed the different scripts. I found the CD so relaxing to listen to. Above all, the information Claire shared with us ensured we were well informed and thus empowered to make good decisions for the birth of our daughter. It was the only ante natal class I attended and it fully prepared me.

was 11 days overdue and so was induced with prostin gel but thanks to the hypnobirthing practices,I managed to avoid the next step of induction( rupturing waters and drip). Using the breathing and visualisation techniques allowed me to to engage really well with the labour experience and ensured that our baby was born without any drugs or further interventions. I can honestly say I had a completely positive birth and this was 100% due to Claire and the hypnobirthing practice.

-D. O’ Mahony, Cork

When in relaxation I would describe it as a lazy afternoon nap that you contently drift in and out of. I could feel the surges and would describe them merely as the ache you get during your period- nothing more.

I do genuinely believe that if I had not had the hypnobirth experience I would not have realised the potential of my own body and how it needs to be able to ‘get on with the job in hand’ without the addition of stress which fights it all the way.

“I’ve never felt so well prepared for anything in my life! I went into labour, totally fearless. HypnoBirthing® was a huge, huge, huge help.”

– Margaret (2nd time mum), Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Hi Claire,

Great news, we had a beautiful little boy on Sunday.
He was born vaginally- with one small pull of a kiwi vacuum in the end but otherwise it was au-naturale!
I am just so so happy to have avoided the section.
As much as I was calling out for it at one point! 🙂

We found the hypnobirthing definitely helped.
I put on the birth affirmations on in my earphones when I felt things were getting serious at about 9am. And I had it on repeat up loud enough to drown out any noise/talking. So I wasn’t able to listen to the goings on around me. That really helped me I think.
It played over and over and over again. I got to 5cm and needed some more help so put on my tens machine, that got me to 7cm and I started using gas and air. That saw me through, so I avoided all the drugs and epidurals.
I’m so delighted and proud of myself!

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support. I know it made the difference in keeping me calm, for most of the delivery anyway.
Anyway little baby Shane weighed 7lbs 14.5 oz and is the most relaxed little guy. Everyone keeps saying how chilled he is.
And I just can’t stop smiling as I think the hypnobirthing relaxations must have rubbed off on him. Which is lovely.
Thank you so so much again for everything.
I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Best wishes,

-Brenda (CUMH Midwife)

I cannot recommend Claire and the hypnobirthing course highly enough.
My husband and I were expecting our first baby and really enjoyed the different scripts. I found the audio tracks so relaxing to listen to.

Above all,the information Claire shared with us ensured we were well informed and thus empowered to make good decisions for the birth of our daughter. It was the only ante natal class I attended and it fully prepared me.
I was 11 days overdue and so was induced with prostin gel but thanks to the hypnobirthing practices – I managed to avoid the next step of induction( rupturing waters and drip).

Using the breathing and visualisation techniques allowed me to engage really well with the labour experience and ensured that our baby was born without any drugs or further interventions.

I can honestly say I had a completely positive birth and this was 100% due to Claire and the hypnobirthing practice.

Deirdre, Tralee Co. Kerry

You introduced me to Hypnobirthing 8 years ago and I still use the skills you taught me back then – absolutely skills for life!

My girls are just the happiest and I definitely think Hypnobirthing had a big play in this.

I highly recommend Claire Brett.

-Veronica Kenneally, Cork



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