Claire is an accredited hypnotherapist and Munster's most experienced HypnoBirthing® practitioner.She has now worked with over 300 couples in the Munster area. HypnoBirthing supports hospital and home birth.

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  With HypnoBirthing® you can learn how to make your pregnancy and birth gentle and calm. HypnoBirthing® is a complete childbirth preparation program and is for anyone who wants to have their baby naturally or just with more confidence and comfort.  

The Benefits of HypnoBirthing®

Whether you’re having your first or your fourth child, whether you’ve had easy or complicated births, whether you’ve had an easy or difficult pregnancy- no matter what your experience- HypnoBirthing® will help you to:



  • eliminate fear, tension and pain before, during and after birth
  • shorten labour often by several hours
  • significantly reduce (and even eliminate) the risk of episiotomy, pelvic floor damage and post-natal depression
  • minimize, (and even eliminate) the need for medical interventions
  • reduce fatigue during labour so you’re awake and energized for your baby’s actual birth
  • keep oxygen supplied to your baby during labour and birth so your baby remains calm and safe
  • breathe effectively-no panting!
  •  make a faster recovery 
    You can achieve a relaxing and stress-free birth by employing the simple yet powerful techniques of HypnoBirthing® which is an internationally renowned approach to childbirth and is used by women for their prenatal care throughout the world. Your HypnoBirthing® work with Claire will prepare you for birth on all levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally. The deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques help eliminate fear and tension and replace them with trust, calm and confidence.

 HypnoBirthing is increasingly attracting huge interest from birthing medical professionals who are witnessing first-hand the positive effects of applying the techniques. If you would like Claire to give a group talk on HypnoBirthing, please make contact by phone or e-mail:

085 1271778 / claire@beautifulbirth.ie

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Telephone: 085 1271778           Email:  claire@beautifulbirth.ie